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Students want to ban professors who voted for Trump [VIDEO]

Millennials in Boston are protesting Donald Trump's victory, but now they're trying to save their fellow undocumented classmates from being deported (via Twitter/Zeninjor Enwemeka)

American University students would rather have Fidel Castro be their leader than not hire professors who support Donald Trump (via Twitter/Zeninjor Enwemeka)

Donald Trump promised when he was on the campaign trail to end political correctness on college campuses. Now, students would be more than willing to ban professors from teaching if they supported Trump at any point.

In a new video from Campus Reform, correspondent Cabot Phillips goes undercover at American University and poses as an activist from a fake student group “American Students for Diversity.” While undercover, Phillips is filmed asking students on campus to sign his petition to ban Trump supporting professors from teaching on campus.

“We’re asking students to tell the administration when you’re hiring people from now on, can we please make sure they’re not people that supported Trump,” Phillips explained in the video to a couple of students. “Anyone who voted for Donald Trump is, like, normalizing racism and fascism.”

Over the course of the video, Phillips received signatures from every student he approached, except for one. He even attained the signature from another faculty member, who gave him words of encouragement.

“I guess there is an argument for like freedom of speech and expression as well,” one woman told Phillips. “It’s like kind of hard. It’s a tough one. It’s not really a democracy so we can’t really play by the normal rules.”

It’s certainly not surprising students from American University would share these attitudes towards professors who support Trump. Just a few months prior, Campus Reform reported that an overwhelming number of students prefer recently deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro over at the time President-elect Donald Trump.

Watch the whole video below: