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Poll: Sorry libertarians, millennials don’t believe taxation is theft



Libertarians love sending around viral memes claiming “Taxation is theft.” Looks like they make have some more work to do to convince young Americans. America may have been founded by a bunch of men who didn’t like being taxed, but a recent poll finds most millennials don’t mind it so much.

Voccii released a report on Tuesday revealing that millennials are the ideal voluntary taxpayers, 76 percent said that everyone or almost everyone should be obligated to pay taxes. This is similar to older Americans, 74 percent of which believe that everyone should fork over some money to Uncle Sam.

“The results were a surprise. One might assume Millennials chafe at this ultimate government reach, but that was not the case at all. They appear to be quite traditional in both attitude and action when it comes to taxes,” said Voccii’s research director Gayle Ireland.

In reality, only about 55 percent of American households pay federal income tax. The rest either have no taxable income or are excused due to the earned income tax credit, according to a study by the Tax Policy Center.

Unlike the previous generation, millennials pay early and save the money they get in their refunds.

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For a generation that likes to break the rules, millennials are less libertarian when it comes to paying taxes and financing the government.

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