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The Godless Generation? Only 4% of millennials have a biblical worldview

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

A survey conducted by the American Culture Faith Institute finds millennials are by far least likely from any demographic to have a biblical worldview. The survey was conducted February 1-5, 2017. 1,000 Americans age 18 or older participated in answering questions.

16 percent of Baby Boomer and Builder generations are likely to have a biblical worldview, compared with 7 percent of Baby Busters and just 4 percent of millennials. From the 20 questions answered by millennials in the belief section of the Worldview Measurement Project, millennials were found less likely to hold a biblical view on 19 of them.

As the majority of millennials answered: we don’t believe in the Bible as the most reliable source of truth, we don’t believe in Satan, we don’t believe humans were created by God, and we don’t think He is all powerful. Only 31 percent of millennials believe in moral absolutes, compared with 46 percent of other adults, and only 31 percent of young Americans value religious faith, compared to 45 percent of other adults.

Millennials displayed a more biblical perspective than other demographics on only one measure: we are less likely to believe in the basic goodness of all people (41 to 22 percent.) Even on that single measure, the survey reports, the majority of adults under age 30 conflicted with the biblical view of it.

While the Baby Boomers presented their own challenges to conventional religious worldview in the United States, our generation seems to be rejecting that worldview altogether. How does this affect our lifestyles?

Only 59 percent of millennials (compared to 72 percent of other adults) consider themselves to be Christians. Almost three-out-of-ten millennials consider themselves to be atheist. 15 percent of millennials, compared with just 6 percent of other adults, identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender (LGBT).

While conservatives outnumber liberals by a 2:1 ratio among older adults, the opposite is true for millennials: fewer than half of us are conservative. We are also more likely to identify as socialists.


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