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Los Angeles punishing school for having too many white students

(Dan Marschka/LNP via AP)

(Dan Marschka/LNP via AP)

North Hollywood, California is undergoing gentrification, and upper middle-class white families are moving to the Los Angeles neighborhood in droves. Walter Reed Middle School has so many white students because of the influx that their funding is being cut because of an anti-white discrimination.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported on Monday that the middle school’s white population has risen past 30 percent, which is the cutoff number to receive extra funding. If the population of “Anglo” kids surpasses that number, it can no longer be considered predominately minority and can not receive a surplus of money.

As a result, five teachers and a counselor may lose their jobs.

Administrators told the LA Daily News that they were going to ask children whose parents were both white and Latino to pencil in “Latino” on their forms in order to not have their funding slashed.

“We’re going to have to work harder to get people to fill out the forms correctly … because they need to know that helps us,” said Carol Kiernan Convey, coordinator for the parent-teacher-student group Friends of Reed.

Race-based school funding dates back to 1978 when the Los Angeles Superior Court ordered an integration program. Public schools in minority-majority neighborhoods would receive funding so long as the population of whites didn’t exceed 30 percent.

Maybe the decision made sense at the time, the demographics of Los Angeles in 1980 were 48 percent white (non-Hispanic), 17 percent black (non-Hispanic), 6 percent Asian, and 27 percent Latino. According to the most recent Census, the black and white population has had almost a total reverse with the Asian and Latino population.

Does Los Angeles need to discriminate against whites in a city where they only make up about 28 percent of the population?


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