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Liberals are turning Santa gay and Transformers into crazy feminists

(Screenshot)/(Associated Press)

(Screenshot)/(Associated Press)

Social justice warriors have two new targets to try and transform the culture: the movie franchise Transformers and Santa Claus.

The second movie trailer to the fifth Transformers movie was released on March 16th, and the film’s new superhero is a teenage girl who bemoans that she’s been a victim and mocked because she’s female.

“Some kids used to tease me…. They’d say ‘You run like a girl, you throw like a girl, you fight like a girl,’” the actress said in the teaser. “Fight like a girl? Yea, I fight like a girl. Don’t you?”

The film’s main audience is teenagers who are susceptible to the subtle stream of third wave feminism throughout the film. It’s almost enough to make someone miss Shia LaBeouf.

Still, social justice warriors weren’t satisfied going after teenagers and decided to set their sites on a younger audience, pre-schoolers.

Time reported on Tuesday that Harper Design is releasing a new children’s picture book that depicts Santa Claus as being in an interracial gay relationship entitled Santa’s Husband.

In the story both black and white Santa live in the North Pole together and share shifts at the local mall asking children what they want for Christmas. The book is written by a staff writer for the remarkably unfunny Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

While the publisher noted that the book would be for all ages, the bulk of unsold copies will end up on a clearance table near the register of Urban Outfitters.

(h/t Age of Shitlords)

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