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Students refuse to reward professor who called Trump’s win an “act of terrorism”

The OCC professor who was honored for calling Trump's win an "act of terrorism" by her colleagues is getting the cold shoulder from her students. (Photo via OC Weekly)

The OCC professor who was honored for calling Trump’s win an “act of terrorism” by her colleagues is getting the cold shoulder from her students. (Photo via OC Weekly)

Back when Donald Trump won the presidency in November, Olga Perez Stable Cox told her class at Orange Coast College that his victory was an “act of terrorism.”

Her comments were recorded, and the student who filmed it was suspended. Earlier this month, Cox was awarded the “Faculty Member of the Year” honors by a panel of school administrators and professors at OCC. After initial reports indicating Cox had refused the award, she later accepted it.

However, in a new interview with Red Alert Politics, the student government doesn’t feel the same way as their school.

Former OCC College Republican president Joshua Recalde-Martinez spoke with Red Alert Politics about the current situation on campus, the death threats he’s received, and revealed that the student body government decided to not honor Cox through the “Friends of the Students” award.

“The student government has not awarded [the “Friends of the Students” award] to Professor Cox,” Recalde-Martinez said to Red Alert. “Our representatives in student government do not want [Cox] to represent Orange Coast College and students. But, the faculty and the staff are the ones who are pushing it and are the ones who believe she’s an ideal model.”

While Recalde-Martinez said he’s no longer part of the student government, he’s confident that they didn’t honor Cox.

“To my knowledge, the student government has gone through the voting process, but they haven’t made the official announcement,” Recalde-Martinez continued. “But what I do know from my friends in the Student Senate and executive board is that that position for “Friends of the Students” award for the full-time faculty member was not given to Professor Cox.”

Listen to the whole interview with Recalde-Martinez below:

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