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Dr. Drew advising Trump administration on drug addiction [AUDIO]

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

Part of the President’s first term agenda is tackling the opioid crisis that’s destroying countless lives throughout the country. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and New Jersey Gov. Christie are set to lead a commission on drug abuse and are pulling in some star power to advise, like addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky.

On his daily radio show, Pinsky broke the news to Red Alert Politics‘ Ryan Girdusky that people involved in the commission on drug abuse had asked him to advise them.

“I’m going to be helping them (on the drug commission) a little bit, the Christie side,” Pinsky said on Monday. “I’ve been asked to go out and speak to Christie on some stuff. I haven’t yet met with people who know what forum that is, but I will let you know.”

“(Solving the drug crisis) is a crucible I’ve been carrying for 15 years, I’ve been predicting the situation we’ve been in for 15 years, and now we’re in it, and we’re not getting out of it the way I think we should.”

Listen to the clip beginning at the 17:15 mark: