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Great Pick: Chris Christie to lead drug commission

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

Despite being a prosecutor and supporting tough on crime policies, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) has a compassionate streak when it comes to drug abusers. This makes him the perfect pick to lead a commission on the issue.

NJ Advance Media reported on Monday that inside sources close to President Trump have said that he plans on appointing Christie to chair a commission devoted to combatting the opioid crisis that has plagued America.

The position is part-time and would allow Christie to lead the commission while still acting as New Jersey’s Governor for the last year of his term. Trump is expected to formally announce the appointment later in the week.

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is leading the charge to tackle opioid addiction. However, Christie would be an important voice in the commission because he understands that drug abusers are fighting against a disease.

During his own campaign for president, Christie spoke of his mother’s battle against nicotine addiction and how she ultimately ended up with lung cancer.

“When (my mom) turned 71… she was diagnosed with lung cancer,” Christie said at a town hall in New Hampshire back in November 2015. “No one came to me and said, ‘don’t treat she got what she deserved.’ No one said, ‘don’t treat her because she got what she deserved…’ Yet somehow if it’s heroin, or cocaine, or alcohol, we say, ‘they decided, they get what they deserved.'”

If Christie applies that compassionate view to tackling drug addiction, it will go a lot further than past administrations’ attempts to solve the heroin crisis.

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