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How government is thwarting young entrepreneurs’ side hustle [VIDEO]



Millennials are one of the most entrepreneurial generations in American history. However, big government is thwarting efforts by young Americans to make “a side hustle.”

Patrice Lee Onwuka, the national spokeswoman for Generation Opportunity, told Red Alert Politics that licensing laws are preventing millennials from starting their own small businesses.

“We want to see young people get back to work and one of the biggest issues we’re seeing are barriers to young people through employment, (specifically) occupational licensing,” Onwuka said. “That just means the government giving you a permission slip to work. We want to see that scaled back or rolled back at the state level, I’m talking about hair braiders and barbers, I’m also talking about people do HVAC renovations, and people who are florists.”

Onwuka said that the Midwest is especially ripe to undergo regulatory reform, especially when it comes to occupational licensing. To her point, South Dakota just removed their state license requirement for hair braiders in February and Nebraska’s Governor is planning a major reform to licensing laws this year.

“It shouldn’t be harder to become a hairdresser than it is to become an EMT and be responsible for saving other people’s lives,” Onwuka continued.

As more states reform their licensing laws in the Midwest, it may be the birthplace for young entrepreneurs.

Watch the full interview below: