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‘Big Bang’ star: Stop calling women ‘girls’ [VIDEO]

(Darren Michaels/CBs via AP)

(Darren Michaels/CBs via AP)

It’s almost a right of passage for actors to come out as social justice warriors. However, Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik is going the extra step and demanding that people adopt speech codes so as to not hurt her feelings.

In a video post on the Latina website Vivala, Bialik recounted her horror when two of her male friends described a woman at a bar as a “girl.”

“I was recently at a bar with two guy friends who are about 40, and one of them said to the other, ‘Oh my God dude, look at that girl sitting at the bar. She’s beautiful,” Bialik said. “And I start looking around wondering why they would let a child into a bar.”

That last part probably didn’t happen, more than likely she knew that her grown friend was not calling a child “beautiful,” and a little girl wasn’t in a bar.

Bialik insists that by calling a woman “girl,” it changes the way society views women and denigrates them.

She should probably talk to fellow Hillary supporters Katy Perry who made millions singing about how she “kissed a girl” or Gwen Stefani who turned being “just a girl in the world” into a 90s feminist anthem.

Nonetheless, Bialik’s feelings are hurt, so we should live by her speech codes.

Watch the video below: