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High school student threatened for using anti-feminist hashtag



Kerby Martin, a high school junior from Cypress, Texas, had been working on a school essay about several myths pushed by feminists about gender inequality, specifically focusing on how third-wave feminism only divides people. So, she tweeted out a picture of herself in an anti-feminist shirt that read “#Meninist” to prove that third-wave feminists were only tolerant towards liberals. Within hours, she was proven right.

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She tweeted out the picture of the shirt on Wednesday.

Within minutes she received more than 200 negative responses. Martin told Red Alert Politics that liberals started threatening to egg her car, wishing she’d learn her lesson by getting raped, or telling her to die.

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Martin told Red Alert Politics that she hasn’t been fazed by the negative comments and threats, saying “you can’t get these people out of this mindset.”

She knows something about how social justice warriors think. Martin confessed that she was one until about six months ago when she started doing her own research.

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On Friday, she offered a response to the t-shirt and all the negative criticism on Twitter.

“I am not oppressed in society as a woman, and neither are you. Unless you allow yourself to think that. Victims exist yes, of real issues like rape, racism, abuse, and other horrible acts,” Martin said in the tweet. “Not because of the things third wave feminists claim. Meninism is a joke and not a movement. My meninist shirt was a satirical hit at third wave feminism in America, and its ineffective methods for solving social issues that are inaccurate and counterproductive. I am not anti-female or anti-female rights. I am against a movement that has shifted their focus from actual equality to complaining and social justice action.”

She told Red Alert Politics that despite the threats, she still plans on continuing her efforts to inform her generation about the myths of third-wave feminism.

“I’m trying to make a difference and bring facts and truth to my generation, and social media and our schools are no longer a true place for free speech and political incorrectness,” Martin said. “It’s just the beginning I still have to write my essay, and I plan to continue this as far as I can to show how messed up the “tolerant left” really is.”


CORRECTION: The headline for this story originally read: “High school student threatened for creating anti-feminist hashtag.” She did not create the hashtag, and she did not represent herself as having created the hashtag. Twitter pointed out a user named @jewcup coined the original hashtag. 

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