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Latino immigrant shuts down anti-Trump protestor (in the most New York way) [VIDEO]



New York City subways are famous for their panhandlers, religious preachers, and protestors. However, one anti-Trump protester got shut down by an Ecuadorian immigrant who wants to make America great again.

Robert Herrera, a well-known New York City Trump supporter, was on the subway on March 17th when a man started screaming how the President was promoting a “white Christian agenda.”

The man pointed at Herrera and called him a fool, but the Trump supporter wasn’t standing for it. He shut him down in the most New York way imaginable.

“This piece of sh*t snowflake,” Herrera yelled back. “All he does is thinks with his motherf****ing feelings, no common sense. Keep using your feelings, go somewhere else snowflake. Your b**ch lost, you’re still crying that sh*t.”

Exchanging a war of words, Herrera challenged the man if he even voted while the man said, “you got anything else, calling me a snowflake, you got anything else?”

“Go to another f**king protest, waste your f**king time, go get a job instead,” Herrera said to the laughter of other passengers. “Living on welfare, EBT, that’s what you’re doing. We’re paying taxes, we’re going to work now.”

Watch the full take down below: