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“The fatal conceit”: Dave Brat quotes Hayek to wreck RyanCare [VIDEO]



Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) doesn’t like the new healthcare bill coming out of Washington and is using libertarian philosophy to smack it down.

“What’s wrong with it, in a nutshell, it’s like we’re acting like we can create one-fifth of the national economy and manage it from a federal level top down from D.C.,” Brat said. “Hayek called that the fatal conceit.”

Brat told Red Alert Politics that there’s a problem with trying to manage all the complexities of healthcare through Washington D.C.

“That’s what we did eight years ago,” Brat continued. “We designed Obamacare, the federally run healthcare plan, and now it’s in a death spiral. We had good intentions, paid only attention to coverage and no attention to creating healthcare markets, no attention to helping prices go down, costs go down, premiums go down. So what do you have now? Premiums are going up by 25 percent.”

The Virginia Congressman is working on legislation with Sen. Flake (R-Ariz.) to expand healthcare savings accounts.

Watch the full interview below: