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Borowski debunks Lahren: All human beings have liberty [VIDEO]

The flood of conservatives slamming Tomi Lahren is overwhelming. Many self-righteous Republican purists have blasted Lahren for declaring she is “pro-choice.” Lahren, a 24-year-old host for TheBlaze, said it would be hypocritical to support constitutional limited government while also being pro-life.

Rather than just joining the chorus of rude slam-jocks on Twitter, libertarian speaker Julie Borowski put out a quick-hitting explainer on why it isn’t hypocritical to be both pro-life and supportive of limited government.

Borowski addresses the argument, rather than attacking the individual. “The key question that limited government people must ask is: is there a victim? With abortion, pro-life people would say, ‘yes, there is a victim.'”

“It’s only hypocritical to call for government bans when there are no victims… your liberty ends where someone else’s liberty begins.”