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Rapper Rick Ross: “I’m happy Donald Trump became president”

Rapper Rick Ross said he's actually happy that Donald Trump is president. Is he trolling? (Photo via Instagram)

Rapper Rick Ross said he’s actually happy that Donald Trump is president. Is he trolling? (Photo via Instagram)

Rappers haven’t been shy about what they think of President Donald Trump. From Y.G.’s “FDT (F**k Donald Trump)” to Snoop Dogg firing a fake gun at a clown version of the president, Trump’s not getting a whole lot of love from the hip hop community, with the exception of maybe Kanye West.

However, in a new song from Miami rapper Rick Ross titled “Apple of My Eye” on his new album “Rather You Than Me,” Ross sees the silver lining in Trump being president, which isn’t very characteristic of liberals and Never Trumpers.

In the song, Ross raps “I’m happy Donald Trump became president/Because we gotta destroy, before we elevate.”

This can be viewed as a backhanded compliment of the current president. While some may misconstrue Ross’s second line as violence directed at Trump, he’s simply saying that he thinks Trump will bring the country down.

Ross is not really known for his political commentary in his songs. It appears that he’s breaking a mold where if he can’t fully embrace the president, he’ll pull a Monty Python and at least look on the bright side of life.

Of course, in the very next line of the song, Ross raps about going to the White House with “a pocket full of weed” when Barack Obama was still in office. And we’re back to classic Ricky Rozay.

Listen to the full song below:

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