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No, Trump’s budget isn’t going to kill grandma

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Liberals are losing their mind about President Trump’s budget. The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof even compared it to the sacking of Rome in 455 AD because of its heavy cuts to domestic programs. They’ve become so hysterical that some progressives are claiming that the President is ending “Meals on Wheels,” which is not true.

The federal government spends more than $100 billion on food assistance programs every single year. Less than one percent of that goes to Meals on Wheels. So, Trump’s cuts will not be the end of all food assistance programs.

A program Trump is trying to eliminate funding for is the Community Development Block Grant program, which spends $3 billion annually. They give part of that money to the Meals on Wheels program, but it is a very small percentage, reported Forbes.

According to the Meals on Wheels 2015 IRS filings, just 3.3 percent of their funding comes from the government — the fifth biggest resource for the charity.

Without the government funds, Meals on Wheels would either have to delegate more work to other charities, look for additional funds, or depend more on state and local governments. However, it would not shut down.

Threatening that grandma is falling off a cliff with every budget cut is common place with progressives, but it’s just not true. Trump isn’t trying to kill grandma or the Meals on Wheels program.

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