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Planned Parenthood executive can’t answer one simple question [VIDEO]

Screen Shot - Fox News

Screen Shot – Fox News

The Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood, Dawn Laguens, refused to answer Tucker Carlson’s question regarding whether abortion kills a human life earlier this week during an interview.

Fox News played host to the exchange, in which Laguens repeatedly subverted Carson’s questions.

“If you can hear the fetal heartbeat, and then it’s extinguished, what do you think of that?” said Carson, noting that while he does believe health screenings are important, that the controversy isn’t over women’s health, but because “it’s a controversial place is because it’s the country’s biggest abortion provider.”

Laguens refused to answer.

“I take seriously all of the health care work that we provide at Planned Parenthood,” she said, repeating her Planned Parenthood pro-abortion platitudes throughout the interview. Carlson asked again: “Is a life being taken?”

Still, Laguens refused to answer.

Watch the discussion below:

While Planned Parenthood does provide numerous health services to women, including birth control, some cancer screenings, pelvic exams, and disease testing, it also is the number one abortion provider in the United States, reportedly providing 40 percent of the abortions that take place in the United States, according to Life News.

The nonprofit is also implicit in the trafficking of fetal human tissue. As I wrote earlier this year, Planned Parenthood is one of the (many) abortion providers that a recent federal investigation discovered by a House report to be engaged in the barter of fetal tissue.

Some of these abortion providers mislead or use deliberately convoluted consent forms for abortion procedures to increase the likelihood a woman will donate the remains of their child to science, the report found.

Fetal tissue obtained from abortions can be used for non-essential medical research. Both the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and the University of Seattle confirmed to me earlier this year that they currently use fetal tissue from abortion for medical research, both of which defended the practice.