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Exclusive: Black Twitter assaults Antonia Okafor for Tomi Lahren photo. Now, she’s firing back

Antonia Okafor is facing tons of hate from Black Twitter for posting this photo with Tomi Lahren. Now, she's speaking out. (Photo via Twitter)

Antonia Okafor is facing tons of hate from Black Twitter for posting this photo with Tomi Lahren. Now, she’s speaking out. (Photo via Twitter)

It’s hard enough being a black conservative in America. It’s even worse if you’re a black conservative millennial whose profile is on the rise for advocating campus carry laws.

Antonia Okafor, a conservative writer and staunch Second Amendment advocate, was invited onto Tomi Lahren’s show on The Blaze to discuss her latest efforts through her EmPOWERed campaign. She then posted this photo to Twitter.

After posting the photo, Lahren then retweeted it and Black Twitter lost their minds. They viciously attacked Okafor and resorted to personal insults, causing her to temporarily make her Twitter account private.

Okafor told Red Alert Politics in an exclusive interview that she’s used to getting hate mail on the internet, but not like this.

“In the social media realm, it’s definitely the worst [backlash] I’ve seen,” Okafor said. “I had to take stuff off because they’re still going at it.”

She continued by saying that she almost exclusively saw the attacks come from black women and men. The sight of her smiling with someone like Lahren is somehow “reprehensible.”

“I feel like it was coordinated because it was all at one time.”

Okafor said that her most intense in-person confrontation came in late September 2016 during her EmPOWERed campaign tour at University of Texas at Austin. She was ambushed by Black Lives Matter protesters for 45 minutes.

“They were yelling at me and upset with me because it was racist of me to advocate for guns on campus. And how could I do that? But it was during a time when a lot of the media was focusing on black on white crime with the cops and black males being shot.”

When asked whether liberals in the black community took exception to Okafor being a black conservative or her Second Amendment advocacy, she said, “They’re equally upset that I would advocate for guns on campus and also upset that I would be of a conservative mindset… and that I didn’t vote for Bernie or Hillary.”

Okafor hopes to be a role model for others who feel like they’re being targeted for their conservative beliefs, using the example of a young black woman with Turning Point USA who was called a “house n***er.”

“It’s easy for me to cower and not be in the public life and the majority don’t like what I’m saying. But then those people who think like me and believe differently from other people and are afraid to say it, then they won’t have anyone to gather strength from and look up to.”

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