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Epic trolling: Shia Labeouf targeted for his anti-Trump protest

Actor Shia LaBeouf is followed by media after leaving Midtown Community Court following his arrest the previous day for yelling obscenities the Broadway show "Cabaret," Friday, June 27, 2014, in New York. The 28-year-old star of the "Transformers" franchise faces charges that include disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

For Shia Labeouf, there seems to be no place in the country where he can hide to escape incessant trolling on his “He Will Not Divide Us” protest.

The actor turned anti-Trump activist decided to create an “art exhibit” on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration. People were invited to look into a camera stationed near the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City and repeat the phrase, “He will not divide us.” The exhibit was supposed to last for the duration of Trump’s term.

However, things didn’t go as planned for the former Disney star.

Anyone was welcome to speak into the camera that streamed live 24/7 – which proved to be a problem. The exhibit attracted a host of protesters who came to disrupt the stream. Altercations between them and Labeouf began to increase, and finally the Museum of the Moving Image shut down the live stream after the actor was placed in handcuffs following an altercation.

Labeouf and others a part of the “He Will Not Divide Us” protest moved the exhibit across the country to Albuquerque, New Mexico in hopes of escaping the trolling. This, too, proved unfruitful. The newly installed camera near a local Albuquerque theater was vandalized in the early morning. A masked individual spray painted over the camera at 4 a.m. making the lens too blurry to see the live feed clearly. Labeouf later shut down the exhibit, citing safety concerns.

Fed up with the antics, the anti-Trump actor then announced he would only be live streaming a “He Will Not Divide Us” flag at an undisclosed location for the duration of Trump’s time in office. The only thing visible was the flag and the sky in the background.

Impossible to disrupt such a set-up now, right? Guess again.

Undaunted, users of the popular site 4chan began mobilizing to find the hidden location. They analyzed flight contrails in the background of the live stream and compared them to flight times. They also mapped out star patterns. The trolls were able to narrow their search after a picture of Labeouf in a Tennessee diner surfaced. They struck gold when a local 4channer continually honked a horn in suspected locations and ultimately located the area.

While the live stream was still taking place, the trolls pulled down the “He Will Not Divide Us Flag” and replaced it with a MAGA hat and pro-Trump t-shirt – marking an end to perhaps the greatest game of capture the flag. Watch footage of what happened below: 

As of now, the “He Will Not Divide Us” live stream is offline. There is no word yet if Shia Labeouf will try again at finding another location.  

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