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Buzzfeed accuses ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’ of racism, sexism

Screen Shot - ABC

Screen Shot – ABC

The popular ABC show “The Bachelorette” has cast Rachel Lindsay as the first black woman to lead the season. In the past, the show has faced criticism for its lack of diversity, as both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette were always white and the contestants were mostly white. The show began diversifying and brought in more non-white contestants over the last few seasons.

This season, the show cast Rachel as the Bachelorette, which satisfied much of the audience. Rachel was a fan favorite from the beginning and casting her as the first black Bachelorette was a plus for the show. On the season finale of The Bachelor, the host of the show, Chris Harrison, surprised Rachel by starting off her season on live TV. She was unaware that she would start meeting guys from her season that night on live TV. She was a good sport about it and had a laugh meeting some of the men.

Nonetheless, Buzzfeed ran an article accusing this incident of racism and sexism.

“It was a master class in what it looks like when a woman is pressured to do something she doesn’t want to do, but is trying to be nice,” the author, Rachel Wilkerson Miller, writes. 

Miller claims Rachel was clearly uncomfortable and was “verbalizing her unhappiness.” This is ridiculous on so many levels. First, anyone who has ever watched this show, or any other reality TV show, knows that the host of the show is going to try to surprise the lead or make him or her feel uncomfortable. This is how shows get ratings. If the show was predictable and the lead was never thrown of guard, it would be quite boring to watch. While this is the first time the show pulled this particular stunt, it has thrown plenty of curveballs at leads of the show and deliberately made them feel very awkward.

Second, Rachel signed up for the show. By agreeing to be the Bachelorette and a star of reality TV show she also consented to be at the mercy of the host. Rachel knew what she was signing up for, and if she could not handle being surprised on live TV, this show may not be for her. However, in my opinion, Rachel took this like a champ and did a great job reacting to this event.

Miller continues describing how the white guys made Rachel feel uncomfortable.

“As a black woman who has had a lot of smarmy white dudes say f** up things that made me uncomfortable — and as a woman who has struggled to find nice ways to say ‘no’ many, many times, especially in public settings — there’s a power dynamic here that put Rachel in a very tough position,” she writes.  

So, according to this article, this has now become a race issue. The author believes that this is a classic situation of a white guy making a black girl uncomfortable in a situation where she could not say no. Again, this claim is absurd. Rachel is The Bachelorette. She is the one in control. Just because a contestant, who happened to be white may have said something stupid, does not mean that this situation is racist. This happens on every single season of the show. The contestants always say silly things to the lead of the show and no one has ever found issue with it before. Leftists love to take every situation and turn it into a sex or race issue.

Rachel is supposed to be America’s sweetheart — which means, in part, making white people feel comfortable,” Miller laments.

My question is, where does the author get this claim from? Do people seem uncomfortable about Rachel being The Bachelorette? On the contrary, most people seem ecstatic that Rachel will lead this season and feel like it was about time for The Bachelorette to be black.

Throughout the article, the author makes nonsensical claims of racism and sexism. The situations that were mentioned are not unique to this season and are not meant for any purpose other than getting ratings. The leftist media feels the need to portray every situation in a negative light and cry bigotry. The criticisms made in the article are completely unfounded and not at all newsworthy. We can all hope that every event in this season does not get blown up into a major incident. If so, this may turn into a very long few months.

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