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New ACLU campaign calls sanctuary cities ‘Freedom Cities’

(Luis M. Alvarez)

(Luis M. Alvarez)

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has launched a new campaign called “People Power” in an effort to thwart the Trump Administration and immigration law.

On Saturday, the ACLU announced their “Freedom Cities” plan, asking volunteers and activists to make their city a sanctuary city for unauthorized immigrants. It would be free of Trump’s “henchman” otherwise known as federal ICE agents.

“The impact of this agenda is plastered in our newspapers daily, whether through the detention of a father of five U.S. citizen children who has only worked hard and obeyed the law since his arrival 15 years ago, or a domestic violence victim in Texas, who sought protection through our judicial system, but fell prey to Trump’s henchmen — apparently based on a tip provided by her abuser,” the ACLU website said.

The ACLU tweeted that the wall and the deportations are unconstitutional, neither of which is remotely true.

Far-left activists have a long history in changing words to make them easier to sell to the public: abortion became “pro-choice,” homosexual marriage became “marriage equality,” and now sanctuary cities are considered “freedom cities.”

In reality, the majority of Trump’s deportations have been focused on aliens with criminal records.

According to the ALCU, crime should go unpunished in a “freedom city.”

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