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Liberal privilege: Rich colleges are most hostile to free speech, report shows

(Photo via Independent photos/Trent Campbell)

Liberal students at Middlebury College protest conservative writer Charles Murray’s speech (Photo via Independent photos/Trent Campbell)

While President Trump vowed on the campaign trail to end political correctness on college campuses and open up free speech, social justice warriors have intensified their efforts to silence conservative students and speakers.

According to a new report from Brookings Institution, the more economically exclusive the college or university, the more inclined the students will be to silence free speech.

(via Brookings)

(via Brookings)

In the figure above, Brookings plotted every university in America based on “the proportion of students from families with incomes in the top quintile (vertical axis) and from the bottom quintile (horizontal).” The red points are the “disinvitation colleges.”

With respect to the incident at Middlebury College in Vermont where conservative speaker Charles Murray was silenced by leftists, its students are among the richest and most privileged in the country. The average student comes from a home making a quarter of a million dollars in income a year. 23 percent of Middlebury students come from the top 1 percent of income earners while 24 percent of the student body comes from the bottom 80 percent. Currently, it costs approximately $64,000 to attend Middlebury.

Of course, these findings don’t necessarily mean that the wealthiest and most privileged students were the ones rioting against Charles Murray. However, if we do a case study and compare how Murray was received at another institution like Saint Louis University, it puts everything into perspective.

The median household income of students who attend SLU is half that of Middlebury at $133,700. Also, if you look at this tweet from Brian Boutwell, who is enrolled at SLU, he can attest to the fact that Murray was well-received by his institution.

Maybe the wealthy liberal elite at Middlebury can take a lesson from their modest student counterparts at SLU on how to deal with conservative speakers.

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