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Capitalism is making America thin and healthy again

 (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Former first lady Michelle Obama spent nearly a decade trying to get Americans to lose weight with her “Let’s Move” campaign and her vegetable garden. As it turns out, capitalism is much better at making America thin again.

Pokemon Go turned out to be a much bigger incentive to making Americans move. Meanwhile, big food companies are slashing the amount of salt and sugar in their products to make them healthier, reported Bloomberg News.

Food companies, including Nestle SA and Procter & Gamble, reduced ingredients like salt and sugar by 20 percent.

Customers are switching their preference to healthier, localized, and sustainable products. “Organic growth for global consumer companies has fallen to less than 3 percent for the last three years,” the report stated.

All the growth is coming from small startups that market themselves as being healthier.

Not to say Obama was wrong for pushing Americans to fight against obesity, but nothing is a greater incentive to make people want to move more or eat healthier like the free market. The demand for games that make kids walk or products that make people eat better are just far more effective than anything coming out of the White House.

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