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Brat on Trump’s millennial promises: Loan reform, school choice will happen [VIDEO]


Exclusive interview with Rep. Dave Brat (R-Virg.) (Screenshot)

Before there was Donald Trump, there was Dave Brat. The Virginia Congressman who campaigned on populist issues like trade and immigration sat down with Red Alert Politics on Thursday to discuss the President’s agenda, especially when it comes to its impact on millennials.

Trump promised to cap student loans payments to 12.5 percent of the payer’s income, which Brat said “wasn’t a huge tweak.” He emphasized that school choice for younger kids is the bigger hurdle to climb.

Brat continued by saying school choice would probably be pushed to next year’s agenda given that the House is trying to tackle tax cuts, Obamacare, and regulatory reform. However, he believes Trump won’t go back on his word.

“On his promises, he’s pretty good, he’s got a memory,” Brat said. “They got them written on the wall of the White House supposedly.”

When it comes to helping millennials create their own businesses, Brat said the most important thing the government could do was take down the barriers to entry, which costs startups thousands of dollars a year.

Watch the full interview below: