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Air Force: Gender pronouns could be offensive



The military’s job is to protect the American people. However, thanks to social justice warriors, it also includes protecting their feelings.

Fox News reported that the Air Force fears that gender pronouns, like “boy” and “girl,” as well as other words, like “colonial” and “blacklist,” according to an email sent to Airmen at Joint Base San Antonio.

Political correctness has become rampant, and the Air Force sounds more like a college campus than the strongest military on Earth. Words and phrases that are considered too politically incorrect to be uttered in the military, include “boy,” “girl,” “you people,” “colonial,” “blacklist,” “blackmail,” “blackball,” sounds Greek to me,” blondes have more fun,” and “too many chiefs, not enough Indians.”

“Please be cognizant that such conduct is 100 percent zero tolerance in or outside of the work climate,” the email stated. “Let’s capitalize on our richly diverse climate, and help others seek assistance if they are struggling with compliance.”

Air Force personnel were advised not to use any of those words on or off the airbase and instituted it’s own “zero tolerance” policy.

Conservatives like Todd Starnes who reported this story are demanding Defense Secretary James Mattis reverse the politically correct agenda of the Obama Administration set in place. Let the military focus on their main job, defending the United States.

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