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“Abortion is cool”: Group encourages students to “shout your abortion”

Photo from Toni Airaksinen

Photo from Toni Airaksinen

The Columbia University campus has been peppered with dozens of small flyers that encourage students to speak up proudly about their abortion.

The group “Shout Your Abortion Brooklyn (SYA BK)” is credited with creating the flyers as part of the national Shout Your Abortion movement.

“We are looking for art and writing about abortion experiences,” the flyer begins, “from the perspective of doulas, nurses, doctors, clinic escorts, activists, and people who have had abortions for our 3rd zine.”

The ‘zine,’ (or ‘magazine’, as it’s typically called) will be released at a film screening on May 5, 2017, a center for documentary arts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the flyer says. Proceeds of all the issues they sell will go to support the New York Abortion Access Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps women pay for abortions.

The Fund offers to help finance abortions for people regardless of their citizenship status and with minors as well. However, they do note that they most likely can’t cover the “full cost” of abortion, and encourages women to look into “fundraising ideas” for additional assistance.

The New York Abortion Access Fund believes that every person should be able to determine their own reproductive destiny and have access to the resources, rights, and respect to be able to do so,” their mission statement says.

It continues by explaining an extra fund is needed for New York abortions because, “Abortion is prohibitively expensive for many people with the average cost ranging from $523 at 10 weeks, to $3000 at 24 weeks [6 months] gestation.”

Funds from the magazines used with art from Columbia students, it seems, will go to fund abortions for unborn children up to 24 weeks old.

Members of SYA BK declined requests for comment from Red Alert Politics.

The campaign is part of a broader movement called Shout Your Abortion, whose website argues that “abortion is normal,” and features articles saying “actually, I love abortion” and “abortion is cool.”

Their mission statement argues that abortion is a constitutional right.

Abortion is freedom. Anyone who is forced to procreate or continue an unviable pregnancy has lost their liberty and right to life,” it says, adding dramatically: “Currently, we are not free.”

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