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Professor: Math and stats are too sexist to debunk wage gap [VIDEO]


(Flickr/Alan Levine)

Kelly Train, a professor of sociology at the University of Ryerson in Toronto, asked her students to write about a social issue. However, when a pupil named Jane turned in a paper about how the wage gap didn’t exist, the professor insisted she was wrong. Train continued to insist Jane needed to embrace feminist theory and reject statistics and math because it was part of the patriarchy.

Jane’s sister, Josephine, a proud crusader against social justice warriors, was infuriated by the professor’s emails and decided to publish them online.

“First off, your premise is wrong. The wage gap is very real,” Train wrote. “So the reason why you are having this problem is because you will not find any sources that state this. The way the wage gap works is through the glass ceiling.”

“Do NOT use business sources. They blame women. The reality is patriarchy,” she continued.

The professor continued, according to Josephine, by telling her she should ignore all sources including ones that are from major newspapers, magazines, government websites, and official statistics.

On, Train had been rated as a good but very aggressive professor who was “in your face” and “aggressive.” A total of eight students mentioned that she talked about feminism frequently, including one who wrote in his review, “She’s not the best professor and is kind of rude. She acts as if she’s higher than thou and such a feminist that she becomes offensive at times.”

Nonetheless, Josephine felt her sister was being indoctrinated by Train and her feminist ideology. As of Wednesday afternoon, Train has not commented about the video.

Watch Josephine’s video below: