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Sanctuary campus? UCPD kick out homeless man, but not criminal aliens

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

A man was recently arrested without warrant for being at the University of California campus with body lice.

The arrest occurred Friday afternoon after the man was seen hanging out in the men’s restroom in spite of a “Stay Away Campus Exclusion” order. He had also been banned from all UC libraries for one year. A UC campus official said his habit of shedding his body lice in the school’s trashcans was violating the library’s “Code of Conduct” even though there was “nothing criminal involved.”

According to reports, the man was keeping to himself and not confronting anyone on campus. Still, his presence on campus was “disturbing the peace,” UC Berkeley’s student paper claims. A woman filed the complaint with the UC Police Department on Thursday after allegedly seeing him deposit his body lice in the restrooms in the school’s International House. The UCPD says he was not supposed to be there Friday.

“(He) wasn’t arrested for the library ban. He was issued a Stay Away Campus Exclusion Order by one of our officers the day prior to his arrest for repeatedly disrupting campus business,” UCPD spokesperson Sgt. Sabrina Reich said. “(He) returned to campus the following day and was arrested for violating the stay away order.”

Ironically, the International House was meant as a safe haven for students who feel alienated by President Trump’s international “stay away” order. Even more ironic, all nine UC campuses were declared ‘sanctuary cities’ just a few days after Trump won the presidential election. The UCPD was ordered to defy federal immigration authorities by refusing to report students who were in the country illegally.

The unfortunate man arrested on Friday was not violating federal laws. Heck, he wasn’t even violating campus laws. He was arrested simply for grossing people out. But apparently “sanctuary city” protection doesn’t apply to him because people can’t be accepting of his poor body hygiene. Not fair!


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