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I used to be an Antifa protester. They want war and must be stopped.

AP Photo/Ben Margot

AP Photo/Ben Margot

The left wants war — except when the police shows up, then it’s free speech.

Saturday night, Berkeley was once again engulfed in violence by members of Anti-Fascist Action, better known as Anti-Fa.

As a former “member” of the movement, I understand the group’s underlying pinnings. Many members are self-described anarchists who act more like communists, and whose philosophy hardly goes beyond bumper sticker slogans from Anarcho and Crust-punk bands like Aus-Rotten.

In the 1990s, there was revival of Anarcho punk in America, and it was in the late 2000s when I discovered these bands. At the time, the mainstream left believed in free speech. But bands like A//Political, which organized the now defunct Anarcho Punk Federation, have infiltrated mainstream politics.

Anarcho-punk bands in the 1990s drew teens into their shows with music, and then connected them with a collective. Many of these music fans organized Anarchist Book Fairs, which are held every summer in almost every state by the Anarchist Black Cross.

That is how I became involved.

At the book fairs, I met many like-minded people who spoke a lot and knew very little. I take solace in knowing I am now banned from many anarchist groups.

It was through the anarchist movement that I first wore the black mask, and marched in a black bloc. Yet, we did so against actual fascists. We protested both the KKK and the American Neo-Nazi party. Anti-Fascists Action collectives began targeting clear enemies of freedom to win support, but their goal was to eventually target all dissidents. Anti-Fa members are the American Brown shirts.

When I cut ties with Anti-Fa, I thought they would never accomplish anything, but I was wrong. They have infiltrated the mainstream left. The result is unfortunate. Now, even clear acts of violence are defended by many on the internet whose hatred for Donald Trump blinds them of the violence against their fellow American.

Some on the left will try to distance themselves from Anti-Fa, but few will actually condemn them. Instead, they cheer when Richard Spencer gets punched in the face, as if that will stop Trump from being president.

The videos from Berkeley last night show two things. First, Anti-Fa has infiltrated the mainstream left and their members are growing. But second, it shows that even when liberty loving Americans are outnumbered and backed up against the wall, they will defend themselves and their values.

America will not fall by the fascists who claim to be anti-fascists.

In truth, the only way to stop the left is by arresting their militant component — not for their beliefs, but for their willfulness to incite violence. It is time to give the fascists what they want. They want war, but they defend their violence by claiming free speech.

Free speech does not protect war, so take the war to them.

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