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Trump era: College Republican membership triples in an unlikely region

College Republican membership is on the rise in pockets of the country. Why? (Photo via AP)

College Republican membership is on the rise in pockets of the country. Why? (Photo via AP)

For conservative students around the country, it’s pretty lonely on college campuses. However, if you’re in the very liberal city of Boston, you might find yourself in good company.

Republican and libertarian millennials are looking to coalesce and have a medium to express their views without intimidation, verbal assaults, or violence.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, College Republicans at Northeastern University, Boston University, and Tufts University have seen their membership triple in recent months. At Northeastern, instead of having 30 total members with about 10 to 15 attend weekly meetings, they now have 100 members with anywhere from 35 to 50 attend meetings.

“This is the only place on campus during the week when you can say whatever you want and nobody will judge you,” Nathan Kotler, the Northeastern College Republicanss secretary to CSM.

Noah Tagliaferri, president of the Northeastern CRs, told CSM, “We are a minority on campus. It is cool when students find out there is a group on campus where they don’t have to feel like an outcast.”

Tagliaferri went on to note that they get all different strains of conservatives in their club, including those who “abhor Trump” while others are more libertarian. “But I will say none of them are the strain that are on Buzzfeed or Vox giving the Nazi salute.”

These aren’t your grandpa’s college Republicans, who, at these universities, stipulate that they need to drop the social ideology that opposes abortion rights, same-sex marriage, or allowing transgender people to use their preferred bathroom.

“Those are ageist issues,” Tagliaferri said. “Those are issues for 75-years-olds who sip their bourbon and yell to their grandkids about how Bulgarians are ruining the country.”

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