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Van Jones smacks down safe spaces. Yes, that Van Jones [VIDEO]

( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

CNN’s most famous liberal commentator Van Jones has been earning praise from Republicans for his commendation of President Trump’s joint address to Congress. Now for the second time in a week, Obama’s former “green jobs czar” is sounding fairly conservative with his attack on college safe spaces.

Jones spoke at a University of Chicago Institute of Politics event on February 24th, and attacked liberal safe spaces on college campuses.

The CNN contributor said that it’s totally normal to want a space free of harassment, but to want to silence different ideas is terrible.

“The idea of being physically safe on a campus, not being subjected to sexual harassment and physical abuse … or being targeted specifically and purposefully because of some kind of hate speech: ‘You are an N-word’ or whatever. That I, hey — perfectly fine with that,” Jones said.

“But there is another view that is now I think ascending, which I think is a horrible view, which is that ‘I need to be safe ideologically, I need to feel safe emotionally, I just need to feel good all the time,” he continued. “And if someone says something I don’t like that’s a problem for everybody else, including the administration.’ And I think that is a terrible idea for the following reasons.”

Jones said that liberal students should want to learn about different opinions and defend their positions.

“You can’t live on a campus where people say stuff you don’t like?! And these people can’t fire you. They can’t arrest you,” Jones said. “They can’t beat you up. They can just say stuff you don’t like — and you get to say stuff back! And this you cannot bear?!”

He said his own parents faced harder times during the era of segregation and Civil Rights. Their hardships were nothing compared to what liberal students claim is unbearable.

“This is ridiculous B.S., liberals. My parents … marched. They dealt with fire hoses. They dealt with dogs. They dealt with beatings. You can’t deal with a mean tweet? You are creating a kind of liberalism that the minute it crosses the street into the real world is not just useless, but obnoxious, and dangerous.,” he continued. “I want you to be offended every single day on this campus … and then learn how to speak back.”

Watch the whole video below: