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Millennials, minorities protest Hollywood hypocrites

Didn't take long to get political during the Oscars, yet host Jimmy Kimmel took a different turn. (Photo via ABC)

Didn’t take long to get political during the Oscars, yet host Jimmy Kimmel took a different turn. (Photo via ABC)

While some conservative groups called for a complete boycott of the 89th Annual Academy Awards, a small group of Trump supporters brought their distaste for liberal Hollywood elites to the source, protesting them as they arrived for the show.

According to the Los Angeles Times, about a dozen protestors with signs, Trump banners and American flags protested the Oscars, chanting slogans like “Celebrities don’t speak for us” and “Hollywood, don’t divide us.”

The group, which was noticeably comprised of millennials and minority groups, held their demonstration outside the Metro station on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, near the Dolby Theatre, where the Oscars ceremony was held.

“We just want to show that just because a celebrity thinks a certain way and because they might express their views on a large platform that does not reflect the views of all of America,” said protestor Emily Hemingway, 19. “That reflects the views of that individual person. I feel like celebrities are trying to kind of speak for us and we want to speak for us. That’s why we’re out here.”

Donna Mariee Tasayco, who emigrated from Peru about 20 years ago, said she came out to support President Trump at the rally. “I want to support my president — my president is Donald Trump,” she said. “I’m Latina and I support him because he’s the only man who says the truth and he’s honest, smart and will make America great again.”

The group continued to gain supporters as they marched down Hollywood Boulevard chanting, “Hollywood, stop the hate.” One of the young Trump supporters was physically attacked by a teenage woman who broke her sign and started pushing her around. The violent teenager was later arrested.

While this group was fairly small in size, it represented the frustration among ordinary Americans with the amount of power celebrities feel they have over them. From anti-Trump video ads during the campaign to a ridiculous video urging electors in the Electoral College to betray voters, liberal Hollywood celebrities have tried to force-feed their politics to American voters with their usual know-it-all tone.

Conservatives are sick of being preached to by the Hollywood elite. According to a new poll from The Hollywood Reporter, 69 percent of Trump voters dislike hearing political speeches. Then again, not all liberals like it either. Nearly a quarter of Clinton voters reported that they also dislike hearing political speeches.

It’s no surprise that viewership of the awards show dropped to about 34.4 million in 2016, the lowest number since 2008. When speeches get political, Americans are going to start tuning out.

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