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Even this classical liberal is considered too controversial to speak on campus



Throughout 2016, the far-left has created a war zone on college campuses across the country. They have violently protested speakers like Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos because of their conservative views. This year, the left has grown their list of speakers not welcome on college campuses to include liberal free-speech advocate Dave Rubin.

The Tab reported that the University of Southern California has postponed Rubin’s speech indefinitely for security concerns, and said that they wanted armed guards at his event.

Rubin was set to speak at an event created by the USC chapter of Young Americans for Liberty. The campus announced on Monday that the speech would be postponed until group provided two armed security guards at a price of $450.

“We don’t want security because of the high cost and it sets a precedent for something that we don’t feel is that big of an issue,” said USC YAL President Chad Lonski to The Tab.

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) said that Rubin’s past statements criticizing the left for not being tolerant enough on free speech issues made him a target.

YAL and DPS are still debating the issue. However, as of Wednesday morning, a free speech advocate who used to be a former leftist like Rubin is considered too controversial to speak at USC.

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