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Trump’s best speech: Tonight he became president

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

Who would have guessed one year ago today that Donald Trump would be delivering an address to Congress? Who would have guess that both sides of the aisle would stand and applaud multiple times?

Tonight may have been the turning point for Donald Trump the politician. This was the first time were he looked, sounded, and felt like the president.

Substantively, he laid out a case for increased infrastructure spending, increased immigration law enforcement, massive tax reform, new health reform, and a new child care tax credit.

Emotionally, he may have created the most tear-jerking moment ever in a presidential address to Congress when he recognized the sacrifice of deceased Navy Seal Ryan Owens and had his widow Carryn stand, saying, “Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity.”

Trump might have been inaugurated on January 20, but today, he became president.

Anyone watching would have a tough time harboring continued negative thoughts toward Trump. At least their opinions would have improved marginally.

Trump was smart to put faces to policies, pointing out a black student who benefited from school vouchers, recognizing family members who lost loved ones to violence from illegal immigrants, and showing someone who benefited from a cutting-edge drug as a way to advocate for the right-to-try.

On policy, he got into enough detail to provide more clarity, while not getting too much into the weeds. He also slipped in some lines of agreement and allayed fears that he might repeal Obamacare without helping those who rely on it. The Democrats’ response after was almost laughable because of this.

Now, it’s up to Trump and Congress to follow the vision — and turn a great speech into great policy.

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