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Millennial PA State Rep. leads fight against Philly sanctuary city status



In an effort to take a stand against President Trump, Democrats across the country have been embracing sanctuary cities. This would allow unauthorized immigrants to defy deportation measures taken by the federal government.

Philadelphia is no exception. However, 28-year old State Rep. Martina White (R), who represents the northern part of the city, is challenging their mayor and city council president by demanding that they cooperate with federal officials.

White plans to re-introduce a bill making sanctuary cities liable for personal and property damage caused by unauthorized immigrants living in the city.

Philadelphia’s City Council President Darrell Clarke, fearing the loss of revenue for the city, wrote a letter to White on February 6th asking her to not re-introduce the legislation. She responded on Monday with a polite “no.”

In an interview with Red Alert Politics, White said that she was disappointed by the mayor’s sanctuary city policy and thought something had to be done.

“I just think it’s wrong, I think it jeopardizes citizens,” White told Red Alert Politics. “(My constituents) want to make sure their families are safe and that the mayor is upholding the law.”

In her response letter to Clarke, White pointed out five cases of unauthorized immigrants who were released into Philadelphia because of their sanctuary city policy. One included a Mexican national who was arrested for a DUI, terroristic threats, and assault charges and a Honduran national arrested for sexually assaulting a child.

White said that her decision to challenge the mayor on his policy has been met with overwhelming support from her constituents on social media and in phone calls to her office.

She stated further that her bill would ensure that cities and municipalities cooperate with federal authorities trying to uphold immigration law.

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