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Safety On: A must-read for children whose parents own a firearm

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Parents who own firearms often ask themselves how to keep them out of their children’s hands to keep them safe. But what if, instead, parents took the time to teach their sons and daughters about firearm safety?

That’s where Safety On: An introduction to the world of firearms for children, by Yehuda Remer, can solve the problem. Remer’s book is written at a child-friendly reading level with pictures. This makes it easy and fun for parents to read it to their children and to teach them about the importance of gun ownership, self-defense and gun safety.

The book opens with a note from the author, stating that he grew up in an environment where guns were for movies, TV, and police officers. He adds that he never thought of owning a firearm until he got married. People would often ask him why he would buy a gun with two children in his house when there is a fear of accidents happening.

Remer responded, “Where do you suggest I teach my children about gun culture in America? Should I leave that to the media and Hollywood?”

Safety On is narrated by a child named Kyle, who talks about his father and his ownership of different types of guns. The book discusses how to make sure proper safety measures are followed while using and storing them. The child says what to do when he or she sees a firearm in a place where it shouldn’t be, to maximize safety and avoid tragic accidents. The book also teaches the best safety techniques when using and cleaning a gun, and reminds children always to make sure the safety is on and the gun is unloaded before placing it in a secure safe.

“My dad tells me guns are important. He says they could be used for good things or bad things,” Kyle says in the book. “Policemen, soldiers, and even regular people like my dad and mom carry guns to protect their families and neighbors. He says it’s an American right to own a gun. But he also said you need to be very careful when using a gun because it’s dangerous and can hurt someone.”

This quote perfectly encompasses how we, as a society, should view and talk to our children about gun ownership and use.

The narrative of the book is wonderful because it reads like your average children’s book and is easy to understand on a very elementary level. The pictures are engaging and can help the child become more interested in the content as well. The book flows well in between subjects too, from gun ownership, to gun usage, to gun storage, with an overall narrative of general gun safety.

I highly recommend Remer’s book for parents who want to teach their children the value of gun ownership and gun safety. 

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