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With Trump, CPAC millennials no longer feel forgotten [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump addressed an overly excited crowd at CPAC on Friday, which also instilled a lot of hope for forgotten millennials. (Photo via AP)

President Donald Trump addressed an overly excited crowd at CPAC on Friday, which also instilled a lot of hope for forgotten millennials. (Photo via AP)

A year ago, the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference loathed Donald Trump. During the Republican primary, Trump opted to skip his speaking slot at CPAC and campaign instead. The crowd was not happy, and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) led the resistance and chorus of boos against then-candidate Trump.

“So, Donald Trump is skipping CPAC,” Cruz said during his 2016 CPAC address. “I think somebody told him Megyn Kelly was going to be here. Or even worse, he was told there were conservatives that were going to be here.”

This year, not only is Trump the most beloved person at National Harbor, but he’s also given hope to countless millennials who felt they were ignored by the Obama administration.

“The forgotten men and women of America will be forgotten no longer,” President Trump told a jovial CPAC crowd.

For many millennials, this line resonated the most with them.

“It’s incredibly obvious why Trump won,” Robert Wines, a freshman at American University, told Red Alert Politics. “Over the last eight years, conservatives, Republicans, a lot of independents leaning right, even independents leaning left were basically forgotten.”

Wines went on to say that conservative students are still being ignored and repressed by college administrators.

Tom Crean, a freshman at George Washington University, had a similar feeling after listening to Trump’s speech.

“The Republican party is a lot larger now because [Trump] has incorporated a lot more not traditionally Republican groups into our party,” Crean told Red Alert.

One of the biggest cities ignored by the federal government up until this point is Chicago where the death toll from violent shootings has surpassed 100 in 2017.

President Trump even highlighted a recent shooting in which a pregnant woman was among seven people who were killed.

“Can you believe what’s happening in Chicago, as an example?” the President said. “Two days ago, seven people were shot. And I believe killed. Seven people. Seven people. Chicago. A great American city. Seven people shot and killed.”

Diante Johnson, Founder and CEO of the Black Conservative Federation and native of Chicago, knows that Trump is trying to do the right thing, but it comes down to the ineptitude of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“They have poor leadership,” Johnson said in an interview with Red Alert. “To me, it seems [Emanuel] doesn’t care. He doesn’t want the help of the President. Yet, he’s not doing anything to help.”

While President Trump has only been in office for a month, millennials at CPAC already feel like they’re winning again.

Watch our coverage of President Trump’s speech at CPAC 2017 below: