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Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget picks illegals over middle-class students

(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli))

(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli))

Liberals have a totem pole of priorities. At the top are unauthorized immigrants and all the way at the bottom are middle-class taxpayers, who were shafted in California by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Facing a nearly $2 billion budget shortfall, the Golden State is phasing out their Middle-Class Scholarship program. This pays for 40 percent of tuition costs for students with a combined family income and assets not exceeding $156,000, Campus Reform reported on Tuesday.

Cutting the program will save the state an estimated $115 million annually by 2021, a drop in the bucket from the overall budget deficit.

Despite the governor’s demand that middle-class Californians receive fewer benefits despite having one of the largest tax burdens in the country, Brown has refused to cut benefits for unauthorized immigrants.

The California Dream Act allows non-citizens to receive financial aid, which costs the state $67 million annually.

The Governor could demand a shared sacrifice among all students in the name of financial sanity. Instead, he has chosen to pit one group against the other and decided that middle-class Californians must carry all the economic burdens while the non-citizens reaps all the rewards.

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