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Liberals condemn Milo’s comments, are mum on George Takei



Within the past few days, Milo Yiannopoulos has been heavily criticized over his comments referring to sexual relationships between teenage boys and adults.

In a video that has surfaced on Sunday from the Reagan Battalion, Yiannopoulos appeared to condone man-child relationships.

“Some of those relationships between younger boys and older men are the sort of coming-of-age relationships,” Milo said on the tape. “The relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are, and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable and sort of a rock where they can’t speak to their parents.”

It’s clear that Yiannopoulos supports these types of relationships, which has warranted a firestorm of criticism.

Despite the outrage over Milo’s comments, an audio clip from 2006 re-appeared between Star Trek actor George Takei and radio host Howard Stern. The audio from Stern’s show features Takei making similar comments to Yiannopoulos’. Within the interview, Takei was asked by Stern if he was “…molested in a sense because you were 13?”

In addition to the radio interview posted to an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit, Takei replied, “No, no. Cause I was kind of, you know—well, I thought he was pretty attractive.” In this case, Takei was referring to sexual contact he had with a camp counselor who was 19 at the time.

Now, compare these words to the words that Milo said: “I’m grateful for Father Michael” and “I wouldn’t give nearly such good head if it wasn’t for him.”

What is striking about both Takei’s and Yiannopoulos’ statements is that they both seem to normalize, and almost advocate for child molestation and pedophilia. Although the two have shared similar statements, the only one that is getting a very heavy amount of media coverage is Yiannopoulos.

After Milo’s comments had surfaced on these topics, his invitation to speak at CPAC was quickly rescinded, his book deal was canceled, and he resigned from Breitbart. With the exception of a few, nothing major has occurred surrounding Takei’s comments.

As stated on Takei’s Twitter bio, he is a “fighter for, the equality and dignity of all human beings.” If Takei is truly a fighter for the dignity of all human beings, then maybe he should have reconsidered making these remarks.

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