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Farage: Millennials screaming the word ‘fascist’ have become fascists [VIDEO]



Former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage spoke at Hillsdale College on Tuesday and slammed the far-left millennial activists who claim to be opposing fascism on their college campus.

“What I see is something very frightening happening with many of our younger people,” Farage said. “Our education establishments through school, college, and university have been so completely hijacked by the liberal left.”

Farage continued by slamming far-left millennials, saying that while they claim to be liberal, they are actually the least tolerant people he’s ever met. They don’t only oppose different points of view, but want to protest and ban anything that doesn’t fit into their beliefs.

“This young generation that screams words like ‘fascist’ have now become the fascists themselves,” he continued.

Watch the clip below: