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Democrats focusing on two special elections to stop Trump

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Democratic voters are desperate for a sign that their party can find themselves regain power in 2018. They are pouring all of their efforts to two special elections, hoping it will be their first step to stop Trump’s agenda.

The first election is in Delaware, where control of the state senate will be decided by a special election on Feb. 25.

Republicans haven’t controlled the Delaware State Senate since 1974, but John Marino is hoping to change that. The real estate agent turned politician ran in 2014 and lost with 49 percent of the vote.

According to Delaware Online, Marino is being outspent nearly two-to-one so far, but he has another $68,000 in his war chest and high name ID.

Flipping the senate seat would show that Republicans continue to grow in their decade-long growth in state legislatures and Democrats would be reduced to controlling just five state governments.

Another critical election is being held in Georgia, where Democrats are looking to win a Republican House seat.

The election to replace Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price is set for April 18th. Democrats think they have their first shot at the seat since Newt Gingrich made it go red in 1979.

Democrats are hopeful because Trump significantly underperformed Mitt Romney. Trump won the state with only 48 percent compared to 61 percent four years prior.

Progressive activists from the Daily Kos have their hopes set on anti-corruption film executive Jon Ossoff and have raised nearly $600,000 for the seat – more than the amount they were able to fundraise for Elizabeth Warren.

Georgia Republicans think that Trump’s declining numbers had more to do with his personality rather than voters souring on the party as a whole.

“Ossoff will probably clear the primary–the establishment and money is behind him–but that’s a conservative district. It was Johnny Isakson’s before Tom’s, and only the most hardened partisans vote in specials. There just aren’t enough Democrats in the sixth for that,” a Georgia Republican insider said to Red Alert Politics.

Either way Democrats feel emboldened by their chances to win over red districts, slow Trump’s agenda, and win back the majority in 2018.

If grassroots Republicans don’t get active, progressives may very well be getting exactly what they want.


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