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‘No Trump supporters’: Discrimination on the rise in roommate ads



Craigslist ads regularly feature clauses like “no pets,” “good credit score,” or “must be cleanly,” but a new component has recently been added, “no Trump supporters.”

On Friday, The New York Times featured several millennials in Washington D.C. and New York City who added the “no Trump clause” to their roommate ads. They insisted that they won’t get along with someone who doesn’t believe in the same things they do.

“Frankly, it would not work out,” said Sahar Kian to The NY Times. “That person would not be comfortable here because we bash Trump nightly.”

While it appears to be legal to refuse someone based upon who they supported in a presidential election, is it really that openminded and liberal?

Just searching on Craigslist in New York City, half a dozen “No Trump” ads popped up in the roommate wanted section. Readers who supported the President were lumped into the same category as cat owners.

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