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Tim Scott reads racist liberal tweets on the Senate floor [VIDEO]

Senator Tim Scott continues to gain the ire of black liberals. He's finally fighting back. (Photo via AP)

Senator Tim Scott continues to gain the ire of black liberals. He’s finally fighting back. (Photo via AP)

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) has faced immense criticism from the black community over his support for Jeff Sessions to be the next United States Attorney General.

“If you sign up to be a black conservative, the chances are very high you will be attacked. It comes with the territory,” Scott said before the Senate.

Scott, who’s the first African-American Republican since 1966 to be elected to the Senate and the first elected from the South since the end of Reconstruction, has been viewed as a traitor to his race by black liberals. He took the Senate floor before Sessions’ vote to share the type of feedback he’s received from those in the black community.

“You are a disgrace to the black race,” Scott read from a comment. “You are an ‘Uncle Tom’ Scott. You are for Sessions. How does a black man turn on his own?”

He continued to read from other commenters. “He doesn’t have a shred of honor, He’s a ‘house negro.’”

“A black man who is racist against black people. A big ‘Uncle Tom’ piece of fertilizer.”

“I left out all the ones that used the ‘n’ word,” Sen. Scott said. “Just felt like that would not be appropriate.”

Scott continued by asking liberals about the tolerance that they always wear on their sleeve. “You see what I’m surprised by, just a smidgen, is that the liberal left that speaks and desires for all of us to be tolerant, do not want to be tolerant of anyone that disagrees with where they are coming from. So the definition of tolerance isn’t that all Americans experience a full level of tolerance, it’s that all Americans that agree with them experience this so-called tolerance.”

While this was a serious critique of liberals and their level of tolerance or the lack thereof, the Senator is savvy at shutting down trolls who hurl racial rhetoric in his direction.

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Watch Tim Scott’s entire address to the Senate below: