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What are they waiting for? 5 bills the House should send to Trump now

 (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The first two weeks of Trump’s presidency have gone by, and with few exceptions, the House of Representatives has not moved forward on passing serious pieces of their agenda.

Speaker Ryan and House Republicans need to move quickly over the remaining period of Trump’s first 100 days and pass some key reforms in his agenda. This is especially crucial as it may create some common ground with Democrats, who are looking to stall his presidency, and voters, who are worried that the President will not be able to keep his promises.

Here are five parts of the Trump agenda House Republicans should pass soon:

-Student Loan Reform

Millennials still are very hesitant to support Trump, and the House needs to work on passing serious student loan reform to address one of their major concerns. During the campaign, Trump proposed changing student loans, so they could be based on graduates’ incomes and place a cap of 12.5 percent of borrowers’ income. The President also said he wanted student loan forgiveness for anyone who paid their loans for 15 years consecutively.


A main theme of the Trump campaign was new infrastructure spending, which is badly needed in certain parts of the country. While some libertarians may hold their nose and insist that the government shouldn’t be involved, new roads, bridges, tunnels, and rails will be a way for Republicans and Democrats to come together. Congress overwhelmingly passed a $305 billion infrastructure bill in 2015.

-Birth Control and Right-to-Try

Trump embraced two policy positions that could be embraced in a bipartisan manner if they were brought up for a vote. The Right-to-Try laws have been passed in 33 states and allow for terminally ill patients to try drugs that haven’t been approved by the FDA. Both Pence and Trump have signaled they’d support such a measure. Another position the President has announced support for is allowing birth control to be sold over the counter which very popular among many women voters. Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) proposed a similar bill in 2015.

-Repeal and Replace Obamacare

This goes without saying. This is what they campaigned on, and there’s still not an official bill being backed by the GOP as a whole. Get an alternative going, keep what works, throw out what doesn’t.

-Immigration Reform

Above all else, Trump campaigned on changing the way the country handles immigration. If Ryan and McConnell want to broker some peace between the establishment and the grassroots they’re going to need to support the President’s agenda. Pass more protection for workers, Sen. Tom Cotton has already proposed legislation and funding the wall wouldn’t hurt with the base.


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