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Protestor called a black Republican ‘token n—–.’ Now, he responds [VIDEO]

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(via Red Alert Politics)

Sacramento State’s College Republicans held a tabling session on February 2nd concurrent to a large anti-Trump protest on campus. Emboldened by the Trump-bashing chants, the College Republicans ventured over to the group of protesters to show their support for the President by holding up a College Republicans flag.

Mason Daniels, president of the Sacramento State College Republicans, told Red Alert Politics that the College Republicans were subject to verbal and physical abuse from protesters. They allegedly wished death upon the families of the College Republicans and tried to wrestle the flag from their hands. Daniels says he responded to a protester calling him a racist, fascist bigot by pointing out that his present club members included a Hispanic woman, a gay man, and an African American.

“Where did you find your token n*gger? What an Uncle Tom!” the protester yelled at him before proceeding to inquire if the African American College Republican “knew his history.”

Floyd Johnson II, the individual whom the racial slur was directed at, believes that it is hypocritical for people who claim to be anti-racist to refer to and think of African Americans in such a degrading way.

“It really hit me deep because it’s actually claiming that I am incapable of thinking for myself,” Johnson says. “You can put whatever word you want in front of the n-word, but it still feels the same as being called one by a slave master or an old stereotypical white person. They may claim to be anti-racist, but it’s all just virtue signaling.”

Luke Bauman, a Sacramento State College Republican, was chanting “Build a Wall” to combat protesters. Then, Professor Mary Strasser, a full-time professor who teaches Primate and Human Evolution, came up to him and told him, “you should be ashamed of yourself.”

In an email addressed to the President of Sacramento State, Daniels responded to the College Republican treatment at the protest by accusing the Sac State protesters of being the same protesters that shut down a Milo Yiannopoulos talk at UC-Davis. He then asserted that they were paid protesters. Daniels also accused the school’s administration of political bias, and demanded that the College Republicans have a meeting with the administration to request all students be treated equally despite ideological preferences.

“Your Student Government not only joined the protesters but actively threatened the College Republicans at Sacramento State,” the email read. “One such example was Abraham Mendoza the VP of Academic Affairs, who shouted to myself and our group ‘You all don’t belong here, you’re not welcome here on campus.’ Another example was one of our African-American members being called an Uncle Tom and a Token N***** for supporting conservative principles.”

“This is the type of hate we have come to see as an everyday occurrence due to the encouragement of violence by your continued silence,” concluded Daniels.

Sac State President Robert Nelsen responded to Daniels’ email by affirming his worry for undocumented students, his opposition to Trump’s travel ban, and the protection of free speech and civility.

The meeting date between the College Republicans and school officials has yet to be scheduled.

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