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Liberal attorney: Gorsuch a fine pick, Dems need to give it a rest

One liberal attorney thinks his fellow liberals should give it a rest on Neil Gorsuch's nomination and let President Trump have this one. (Photo via AP)

One liberal attorney thinks his fellow liberals should give it a rest on Neil Gorsuch’s nomination and let President Trump have this one. (Photo via AP)

Before President Trump announced that he would be nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the empty seat left by the late Associate Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, liberal groups had already gathered to protest it.

Republicans began mocking it as a “fill-in-the-blank” protest.

While there are some progressives who stand firm in resisting any move that Trump makes, liberals like Carlos Rivera think the President should have this one.

Rivera, a young attorney from New York City, said in an interview with Red Alert Politics that this “isn’t as bad as it could have been.”

“I was actually pleasantly surprised that this pick made sense,” Rivera said. “My understanding of Judge Gorsuch’s legal philosophy is that it is in very much in line with the legal philosophy of the late Antonin Scalia.”

Rivera, who has been practicing law for a few years, appreciates that Gorsuch will bring balance back to the Supreme Court to when Scalia was still alive. “A return of a Scalia-like voice on the Supreme Court is not a tragedy, considering the number of decisions that can be viewed as ‘liberal’ that were made with Justice Scalia writing in dissent. Now, we will have Associate Justice Gorsuch writing in dissent. I only hope he is as colorful in his prose as Scalia was.”

And unlike a lot of Democrats, Rivera believes Gorsuch deserves a fair hearing in the Senate. “Congressional Democrats who refuse to give a hearing to Gorsuch as retaliation for what was done to Judge [Merrick] Garland need to save the outrage for the next nomination President Trump will potentially have. That is the nomination that can tip the scales and change the dynamic of the court.”

As far as resisting President Trump’s agenda, Rivera believes liberals and progressives need to be “strategic” going forward.

“To those groups I say this: You will have plenty of opportunities to protest any number of decisions made by President Trump, you need to pick your battles,” Rivera stated. “The decision to nominate Gorsuch is not a battle worth fighting. Take a step back, see the big picture and know that having Gorsuch on the bench is not the worst thing that can happen. Beyond that, this also provides an opportunity to the progressive and liberal groups who are bashed by this administration to rise above the fray this one time. Be strategic in your outrage.”

Rivera continued, “If they choose to protest out of spite instead of some real issue, they will lose steam and be discredited as rabble rousers and professional protestors who do so simply because they like to protest.”

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