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Trump’s likely SCOTUS picks are very, very different [VIDEO]



Donald Trump is set to announce his pick for the Supreme Court on Tuesday night. The stakes are very high, and Trump’s choices have very different opinions on some controversial issues.

Red Alert Politics’ Ryan Girdusky was on Fox and Friends First on Tuesday to discuss the justices that Trump is most likely to choose to fill the place of Antonin Scalia. The three contenders for the Supreme Court are Judge Thomas Hardiman, Judge Neil Gorsuch, and Judge William Pryor.

“By far the most controversial of the picks [is Pryor],” Girdusky said. “Vehemently pro-life but very controversial with other statements about around gay issues and LGBT issues. He would be the hardest to confirm in the Senate.”

Hardiman and Gorsuch are much more likely to be chosen, but the two have very different ideological beliefs.

Gorsuch is very conservative, Nate Silver of  FiveThirtyEight claimed he’s even more conservative than Scalia. The two are ideologically similar on the issues of textualism, believing that criminal law should favor the defendant, supportive of keeping religious expression in the public space, and critical of government action through the commerce clause, according to SCOTUS blog.

Hardiman, on the other hand, is considered much more moderate and in the mold of Justice Roberts and Kennedy.

“He is on the court with Trump’s sister who is allegedly pushing for him, he’s by far the most moderate pick,” Girdusky said of Hardiman. “But he is an originalist, he used originalist arguments in a gun case, on immigration though he’s extremely liberal.”

Trump will formally announce his pick at 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

Watch the full interview below:

Ryan Girdusky - FNC FOX & Friends First 1-31-17 from MediaDC on Vimeo.