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By subsidizing Planned Parenthood, U.S. government is funding abortion

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First off, let’s banish the myth that federal funding allotments cannot be used for things they are stipulated against. By federally funding a given group, the government is giving them more money than they had.

This becomes a problem in many cases, but the most significant, and perhaps the worst at the moment, is the case of Planned Parenthood. There is truth in the efforts the government has made, as Planned Parenthood cannot use the money from federal funding to administer abortions. Unfortunately though, this does not stipulate that they cannot do abortions at all — they just cannot use the government’s money to do them.

This organization receives over $500 million dollars a year in funding that is not from the government, and has no allocation stipulations. Because of this, the government is inadvertently funding an abortion aspect of Planned Parenthood. As the government gives more money to the organization, the organization is then able to use the money they have independently raised to focus on the parts of their program that the federal money cannot be used for.

Planned Parenthood would have over $500 million to split between procedures, which they would have to prioritize between all other aspects of their programs such as STD and Pregnancy testing. When the government begins to use the taxpayer’s money to donate to this organization, they can then use the government to be focused on testing and other aspects, and use most, or all, of their independently raised money to administer abortions.

Another myth that needs to be dispelled is that of the buzz phrase “Abortions are only 3% of what Planned-Parenthood does.” While this is technically correct, it is a very misleading statistic.

“Planned Parenthood’s affiliated clinics provided 10.6 million services for 2.7 million clients in 2013,” the Washington Post reports. If a woman goes into Planned Parenthood for an abortion but also gets a pregnancy test, STD test, and a prescription for birth control, Planned Parenthood would report that as the abortion being only 25% of the visit– even though it was her main reason for being there. A great example that further explains this concept of how this statistic is misleading is the following video:

This is the problem with federally funding an organization that does any type of abortion procedure: whether it is on purpose or not, the government is giving institutions the resources to give more abortions to the women in this country, a procedure the government should stay far away from.

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