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Bloomberg to millennials: Trump’s wall will cause climate change

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

The left is working around the clock to mobilize millennials against President Trump’s recent “border wall” executive order, but their latest tactic may leave even the most progressive millennials scratching their heads.

On Thursday, Bloomberg warned us that President Trump’s plan to secure the border was going to be bad for the planet. According to the Left, just like everything else that conservatives do, securing the border is going to cause climate change.

Bloomberg argues that “concrete is a potent source of greenhouses gas [sic], and Trump’s ‘great wall will need a lot of it.” Christoph Meinrenken of Columbia Universities Earth Institute estimates that a 1000-mile wall “would require an estimated 275 million cubic feet of concrete” and release approximately “1.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”

What the scientists cited in this article fail to mention is that the entire concrete industry accounts for 5 percent of man-made climate change emissions worldwide, around one third of the emissions caused by cow flatulence, and almost every building uses concrete. Also, concrete naturally absorbs the carbon dioxide in the air over time. In fact, researchers in California estimated that between 1930 and 2013, concrete has “soaked up” 43 percent of the total carbon emitted in cement kilns.

According to Bloomberg, the UN found that last year was the “hottest on the record, with temperatures inching ever loser [sic] to the level scientists say would be catastrophic.” Clearly, this additional concrete would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

The article also argues that the wall would “cause flooding” and “cut off migratory paths for endangered jaguars, ocelots and other creatures.” Surely, federal government projects face the same environmentalist scrutiny as other projects, and these factors will all be considered, but these critics would rather have us believe that the border wall is going to cause Armageddon.

Bloomberg is undoubtedly targeting millennials who have been persuaded (or indoctrinated) by their professors and the previous administration about the evils of climate change. According to a Harvard University survey, 55 percent of millennials believe global warming is a proven fact and is mostly caused by man-made emissions.

NPR’s Boston affiliate likewise published an article on Thursday, arguing Trump’s so-called war on climate is a “war on millennials,” because millennials will have to live with the “most cataclysmic damages of climate change.”

The news that President Trump wiped out the climate change portion of the White House website made headlines on Inauguration Day, and this is yet another ridiculous attempt to rally millennials against a president who is finally promising to bring back their jobs.

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