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4 Obama policies Democrats would protest if Trump did them

Liberals would have slammed some of his policies had Trump did them. (DHA/AP)

Liberals would have slammed some of his policies had Trump did them. (DHA/AP)

President Donald Trump’s 90-day ban of most immigrants from seven countries infiltrated with terrorists has caused liberals to march in the streets. This is nothing more than selective outrage. During his time in office, President Obama was never so much as criticized by the left whenever he acted against their interests.

Here are four examples of different Obama policies that liberals would have protested if Trump did them.

  • Iraq immigration ban

Obama enacted a six-month review of refugees and applicants for Special Immigrant Visas for Iraqis who helped America during the war in 2011, and absolutely no one complained about it. During this time the amount of refugees from Iraq slowed to a trickle. Only 29 Syrian refugees were allowed to come to the U.S. despite the fact that they had a civil war going on in their country.

No progressives complained, despite the fact that many lives were put at risk during this time.

  • Syrian refugee crisis

The drowning death of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi on the Greek beach of Kos devastated the world. The heartbreaking photos became a symbol of the Syrian refugee crisis. Up to that point, Obama let in less than 2,000 Syrians into the U.S. despite the fact that the nation had been war torn for nearly five years.

Kurdi’s death was met with a strong reaction. Obama increased the refugee number in 2016 significantly, but no one protested the fact that he had not done more for the Syrian people.

  • Drones

Obama’s policies on drone warfare were like President Bush’s on steroids. In Pakistan alone, Obama conducted 373 drone strikes, and nearly a thousand more were conducted in Yemen, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

According to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, more than 500 civilians have been killed during Obama’s presidency in those four countries.

  • Obama turned away refugees

In an effort to normalize relations with Cuban dictator Raul Castro, President Obama ended the longstanding “wet foot/dry foot” policy to allow refugees from Cuba to come to the U.S.

USA Today reported that more than 100 Cubans were rejected at the border since the policy change. Unlike when Trump enacted his three-month ban, the left didn’t make a peep about the change in how the U.S. handles refugees from Cuba.

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